Will LED Neon Flex drive the revival of neon in South Africa?

To those who travel the world, there’s one thing many major cities in the world have in common: they are generally so colourfully lit up, often illuminated with bright, highly colourful neon lights. High-rise buildings are often decorated with lights, sometimes even animated lighting. Our cities in South Africa are sadly not illuminated like this – so much duller, just not really that vibrant. Sad, but it’s true. Maybe this is in part a result of affordability, companies simply not being able to splurge on the niceties of fancy lighting, maybe because of a lack of skilled lighting experts in South Africa.

There is no doubt that we have witnessed a drop-off in glass neon in South Africa, it’s being declining for years. Various reasons behind this, but most neon signage companies will testify to the fact that glass neon installations are declining. New LED technology is opening new doors: LED Neon Flex is cheaper than glass neon, it’s easier to install, it lasts longer, cheaper to run, but it’s equally bright. Mark my words, it’s going to be the rebirth of neon in South Africa. Perhaps this is the enabler to South African cities becoming more brightly lit, to us seeing those gorgeous colourful lights on buildings?