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We are different to our competition

Every installation has its’ unique requirement and one-size-fits-all off-the-shelf product offerings simply fall short. Where our competitors focus on selling “off-the-shelf” neon flex and flexible strips, we believe that our clients deserve the opportunity to source the exact product for their installation requirements.

We partner with our neon flex and flexible strip manufacturers – you can see us as an extension of the factory. By understanding your unique requirements we are able to recommend a fit-for-purpose product. If we don’t hold it in stock we will have it manufactured for you with a quick turnaround time.

If you have a very unique flexible strip requirement, we will gladly design and customise the flexible strip for you.

All customised orders will have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) which will apply and which will vary based on the exact customisation. For flexible strips this will usually 50m unless a custom-designed FPC is required in which case the MOQ increases dramatically. For neon flex this would be 100m.

We are able to offer customisation on the following:

Neon Flex

  • Soft PVC jacket colour noting it is difficult to match custom colours between batches
  • LED colour
  • Jacket size and shape (Dome / flat / round)

Flexible Strip

  • FPC copper thickness 2oz or 3oz
  • FPC width from 5mm to 14mm
  • Number of SMD LED chips per meter e.g. 30, 60, 90, 120, 240, 420
  • Chip configuration e.g. one row / two rows / three rows
  • Brand of SMD LED chip e.g. Epistar, Nichia, Bridgelux, Samsung, Philips
  • LED colour measured in nanometers or Kelvin
  • Brightness of LED chips measured in lumen per meter
  • SMD LED chip package e.g. 2835, 5050, 3030, 3528, 2216
  • Top lit or side-lit
  • Power consumption per meter
  • Packaging e.g. on 5m reels or 50m lengths
  • IP rating: IP20, IP67, IP68
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